We have been asked to NOT publish the VOA Events Calander on our website.


You may find the Vixen Owners Association Events Calendar here:

But you will not be able to access it since it is on a private, password protected site.

You may join the VOA here:


The reason I published the Vixen Owners Association Events Calendar is so folks interested in the world

 of the Vixen Motorcoach could actually go and see a real live Vixen 21 and meet some of the ownership.

But NO, the VOA feels it should keep their events secret.

I was asked to remove the Events Calendar by a friend in the VOA in a very genuine manner using the reasoning

that if changes are made by the VOA events committee we would possibly not update our calendar and cause confusion.

I have complied with his request. Perhaps the VOA hierarchy can make future changes to make the VOA site a bit

more accessible to the interested general public.